Yeah yeah yeah

Been awhile. I know.

Summer's gone. That makes me very sad. This summer has gone by SO FAST.

Anyway. In July we headed out to NY for a family reunion and our wedding convalidation. A few days first in Atlantic City, where I managed to win 600 bucks on the slots....the very day we had a 600 dollar car repair. Overall, we had a fun couple of days.

Then up to NY....stopping to visit an internet friend I'd never met in person. Had a great visit, and felt so glad to have made the stop.....hard to explain. But it was good.

Toodled around Long Island for a few days, even driving out to the Hamptons, where I stalked the Barefoot Contessa and even got a pic of her house.

So...pix. Here's our ceremony: 
This is my favorite.  We all look so happy.   And I have concluded that I just look really huge in pictures.  I mean, I know I'm a big person, but I do NOT photograph well.  The priest is my dad's cousin (so is my cousin once removed) and my grandparents were married in this very church. 

Here's a nice family shot with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend:

This cracks me parents were in Russia and bought Steve a hat as a souvenir.  

What else?  Week before last I fired my assistant.  THAT was something I don't want to deal with again any time soon.  It was the right t hing for the organization, blah blah, but no fun.

Steve is going to RCIA with me.....not sure if he's going to convert or not, but I like that he's going with me.  Many who know my would probably wonder what the HECK I am doing becoming Catholic, but it just seems right.  It's bringing me some peace, some ease.  And I guess that's what it's all about.  I am not now nor will I ever fall in lock step with church policy on many things.  And maybe it's just the priest of our parish, but the message I'm overwhelmingly getting is just about trying to move on and be a better person today than you were yesterday.  And forgive YOURSELF for the times you fall short.  I can sure use THAT, lemme tell ya.

Anyway.  that's what's up.

tra la

Well.  I hope LJ actually lets me post.

Same ol same ol around here.  WEIRD weather this spring.   No real spring.  It was cold, and it snowed in April....and then...HOT.  It was 95 today.  


We got our commendation from the historical preservation organization last night.  That was cool.  In some seriously good company.  Including Starbucks.  Seriously.  They took this and turned it into this.  Pretty amazing, if you ask me.  The giant windows in the seating area actually operate like garage doors, and can come up in nice weather.  

What else?  Got thrown under the bus by a co worker this week.  I swear, she is emotionally 12 years old.  Why do grown assed people act like such children?  

Working on a killer burger recipe so I can maybe win some money.  My first attempt at a Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage Burger was Meh.   Last sunday I made jam.  YUM.  Indiana strawberries.   Might need to do one more batch.  Couldn't be easier, and so delish!

We just finished the frantic cleaning of the night b efore the cleaning lady.  Oh,  how  I love Cleaning Lady  Friday.  I managed to clean the tiny bedroom.  So now the only untouchable room is the serial killer room.  And if Steve doesn't clean that soon, he's gonna be in deep doo doo.

Operation Catholic is coming along nicely.   We are all set for our Catholic marriage ceremony in NY.  Steve refers to it as "making a clerical adjustment".  My sister and her boyfriend are coming to the reunion, so they will be there, as will my parents.  Any other family member who wants to be there can be....but I am really adamant about not making A Big Deal.  I had my Princess Day, and that's when I had my big wedding.  Not to say I don't take this one seriously, I do, and it will be special....performed by a cousin in the church where my grandparents got married 70 years ago.

I just p lain can't wait till vacation.  Period.  Exhausted.  Can't wait to visit Atlantic City.  Meet a friend in person for the first time.  See my sister and her man.  See my folks (just back from Russia, where mom managed to fall and break her shoulder).  See family.  Go into NYC. on vacation.


I'm a terrible updater!

But really...not that much happens.  Life is going along, pretty much ssdd.  

Today was Friday of The Cleaning Lady, and that makes me happy.  Hap Hap Happy.  I want to give her a raise and have her in every week....

Left work early and went to get my toes done on the spur of the moment.  I'm pretty sure the pedicurist was chatting in Korean with her coworker about how disgusting I was with all the calluses.....on the bright side, my shoes should be less tight now. 

Three day weekend ahead....fingers crossed that all goes well and neither the engineer or I get called  We have no real plans, other than cleaning out Steve's Serial Killer Room.  It's's like one of those rooms on a tv show.  UGH.  IF we can get that clean and presentable  (it's supposed to double as a guest room...ha!), and get the little bedroom tidied up, the only thing that would be completely out o f control would be the basement, and I could live with that.

I'm kind of bummed that we have nothing to do this weekend.  It's Big Fun Cookout and Party weekend,  and we've got no one to have fun with!  Most of the time I'm ok with not having many friends.   Other times, I really wish we were better about making friends.  Or better about getting invited places!

Now HERE is something exciting.  Got a letter in the mail yesterday from the local historical preservation society.  Apparently, we're being recognized for The Porch Project.  And I quote: " your restoration of the front porch and facade at 4xxx Bexxx Avenue has earned a 2007 ARCH Commendation for restoration".  There's a dinner and everything!  We had to be  nominated and then chosen by....I dunno, the deciders or something.  But Steve's face just LIT up when he read the letter.   I'm so proud of him...he did such a great job.

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Where have I been?

Last week was craziness.  It just was.  The funeral last saturday was....a funeral.  Ministers in the Hungarian Reformed Church are....Lugosi like.  Their ministerial robes look like they were borrowed from Lily Munster.  And the accent...

Steve commented "the funeral was like any other family gathering of yours...except for the dead body in a coffin."  Yeah.  We're like that.  We took a family picture after gramma's funeral....hey...we were all there!  But we were a little bleary eyed.....not the best picture, for sure.

I am feeling so stressed out.  I just am.  Need time away.  It'll come, I'm sure.  

Spent today working in the garden.  Holy moly...I am old, fat, and out of shape!  But I DO have peektures....

This is the teeny tiny veggie garden.  Three heirloom tomato plants, one Hungarian pepper plant, and herbs.  The owl and the bunny?  Kitsch factor.

Next to the porch.  I planted three day lilies in the corner, and I'm hoping they take off and give me lots of flowers.  There are two rose bushes in the middle o f the bed.  They are renegades.  I had a rose bush there that in  8 years gave me like 3 flowers, so last year, I ripped it out.  And two more popped up this spring. 

They damn well better flower!

Here's the side by the driveway.  Ignore those tacky broken bricks...they will be going.  The green masses are all daisies....Went I went flower shopping, I actually GASPED at the Gerbera Daisies....such pretty colors!  So they will provide nice contrast when all the white flowers are blooming.  Planted a few marigolds, since they are Steve's favorite.  The rest of the bed is New Guinea Impatiens...never planted those, usually plant the cheapie ones, but Steve bought the flowers, so I went with them.  If they do as well as the others did last year, it should look really nice.

That's my gramma's mailbox....hung on her porch on East 32nd street in Lorain for probably 60+ years.  I think I will hang it from a pillar or something.  But if the petunia doesn't croak, it'll look sweet.

My Bleeding Heart.  That stupid plant is just the happiest plant loves it there.

And these are my moron cats.  I was on the porch reading,  and they HAD to be SURE they knew where I was and what I was doing....

And here they are again.  Claude sleeps peacefully, then Millie (in back) jumps ip and walks on him, then she snuggles him.

A little crabby

Not sure why.....but when  Steve came home this evening I just looked at him and said  "I feel like I  need to be taken care of".  Dunno.  Work is busy, normal stresses, whatever.

Got word that my mom's cousin died the other day.  So on Saturday, we head east a bit earlier than planned for the funeral.  THEN we hang with my cousin and her husband and new kid.  (they will be at the funeral too).    Sunday is the baby shower.  All of The Menfolk are going to an Indians uncle got club seats, so they get to live it up in style.

I finished a sweater and booties.  You  know, it's really hard to make booties come out to  be the same size! get to see parts of my messy dining room table!  I get such a kick out of the fact that I start with a ball of yarn, and end up with....SOMETHING!

Not much else.  Tired.   So Tired.

Just another weekend

OH, how I wish weekends could be longer.  They just go by so FAST.

So.   Today.  Slept in.  Slammed water.  Went to dr's office/lab and had blood drawn so i can be scolded this friday at my dr appt.  Back in about 15 minutes.  Dr. office is about 5 minutes away, and  I arrived at a time where there was no I didn't even have a chance to sit down before they called me.  I LOVE saturday lab  hours.

Steve went to visit his folks, I had girly lunch.  Then off to church.

Back home.  Crocheting like a madwoman.  I finished the afghan, and I'm working on a baby sweater.  Which looks like....a baby sweater!  Go me!  I took the blanket in to work for opinions from the women...who would say "ugh" if I looked like ass.  They liked it.  But ALWAYS...ALLLLLWAYS......there's someone who says "Ugh.  I could never have time to do that" or "I could never sit still long enough to do that"....which I find annoying.  I do it at night when the tv is on.  and you can't eat when you're messing with yarn.

Got my new bike, rode it, put my back out in a big way.  Luckily, I had a massage the next day, and t hat helped a lot.  I was bummed today, and feeling a little guilty, because the weather was PERFECT, and I didn't ride......but my back is still hurting.  Steve also pulled something, and from the noises he's making, you'd think he was birthing a watermelon out of his nostril.  Whinnneeee.  And the massage therapist even TOLD him that my spasms were so bad "they were standing up and waving".  So Mr Whiny Pants is really annoying me.

Might try a ride my new padded they will need a  test ride.  Next weekend it's out of town for my cousin's baby shower, which should be fun, because it's also a family weekend, and those are always great.

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You have GOT to be kidding me

We had TWO INCHES of snow yesterday.  Luckily, it got into the 50s today, and the snow is all gone.  But yikes.  Just yikes.

Uneventful weekend.  Slept in Saturday.  dinked around.  Went to Mass.  I'm freaking myself out, but while we were there, I just got this FEELING....that I was in the right place.  So.  Operation Be A Practicing Catholic is in full gear.  My cousin suggested some stuff to read, so I ordered that.  He is going to do our marriage convalidation this summer, which will  be kind of will take place in the same church my grandparents were married in.  Just Johnny and us and two witnesses.  I've always looked at being married like being are or you aren't.  But Catholics are kind of big on the whole "married in The Church" thing, so I'll make sure those duckies are in a row.  I'm excited and scared.  I'm apprehensive because, well, I'm afraid people who find out will think I've turned into some kind of holy roller goody good.  And that is SO not true! 

What else?  Too much food.  Worked on a big story with our News Director last night and today. We'll voice it tomorrow.  

Thank goodness, it's  supposed to be warmer this week, so maybe I'll get my bike and be able to get out on the greenway.  Let's hope.


Clever Title Here

Seriously.  Some days, thinking up a clever title is beyond me, and keeps me from writing anything!

Busy week at work.  But good.  Getting crap done.  

Cleaning woman tomorrow, so I have to, well, clean up tonight.  We aren't dirty, we are messy.  So stuff needs to be put away.  I seem to have lost the dining room table.....

Got another email from Cousin The Priest. 
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This and that and stuff

Watching Dr Phil....amazingly insecure wife is bothered that her husband looks at other women.  She thinks The Little Mermaid is "too sexy".  I so do not get this.  And it's always the pretty women who are all insecure.  Cows like me...pfft....I'm the one who told Steve to keep the Playboy subscription (hey...I like the articles) and it really doesn't bother me if he looks, admires, whatever.  Because the dude is married to me.  

For being a non self confident person in many areas of my life, I have this one nailed down.  Completely not worried in this area.

What else?   Internet was down at work most of yesterday.  Do you have any idea how hard this was to deal with?  And then our engineer found out what the problem was.....Verizon changed its IP addresses.   And didn't tell people like, oh, our service provider.  So our email was going all over, bouncing hither and yon.  No audio downloads.  No messages from NPR.  It was a very stressful day.  Next time, I'm going home for my laptop and setting up at the nearby McDonald's...they have free WIFI.

My next baby afghan looks like ass.  My "squares" are either rectangles or trapezoids.  Or is it parallellograms?  I'm going to complete it, but I'm not feeling too optimistic that it will be presentable.

So this past weekend, the little voice in my head told me to go to Mass.  Now....understand....I was baptized in the  Catholic church, but never confirmed.  Never made official first communion.  I got married in the Lutheran church  because it mattered to Steve and not to me.  So the little voice was...odd.  But if there's one thing I've learned, it's listen to the little voice.  I dragged Steve to Mass at a neighborhood church, and I have to say, I was touched by the service.  (which went on FOREVER)  I am really seriously thinking about attending regularly and finding out about being confirmed.  Lots to think about.  Because while at the bottom line, it's between me and god, there are lots of "rules" that I can't accept and be true to who I am.  Luckily for me, I have a cousin (my dad's first cousin...he's mine....once removed or something) who is a priest.  And I can ask him ANYTHING without fear that he will scold me for questioning or holding the beliefs I do.  So I bottom lined it for him...can I be a pro choice, pro contraception, pro gay rights liberal and be Catholic?   Because I know that according to "The Rules", I can't.  But I KNOW there are lots of practicing Catholics who don't follow the letter of the church law.  But I feel like I would be a hypocrite.  There is much for me to think about.  And  I will.  And I will ask my own personal priest for help!

We closed on the new radio station yesterday, and are playing an endless loop of Pachelbel's Greatest Hit.  We're already getting phone calls from people who can't wait until we have the real programming on.  That's set for May 1.  This should be a good thing for the stations.  

And really....that's all.  Work is busy, weather is cold, same ol same ol.


Steve is playing poker tonight.   Usually I get all excited about poker night, because I have some Alone Time in the house.  But tonight I am just bored.  I'm in the mood for girlfriends.  Some nachos and beer and girl talk.  


A little on edge because it's the weekend  and our network at work is messed up in some weirdo way that makes me unable to sign on via VPN.  If we were to go off the air, this could be a Very Bad Thing, because the only way I would have to fix stuff is to drive in.  The engineer is aware of the problems, so nothing for me to do but wait.

No big plans for the weekend.  tomorrow we'll go to the SPCA and walk dogs.  Sunday I'm making a ham for Easter.  Same ol same ol.

Weather SUCKS.  SUUUUCCCCKS.  When it gets warm again, I think I'm getting a new bike, which makes me excited.  I have issues when I ride in the traditional leaning over position, because my chest is so big....I'm supporting a lot on my arms, and my neck and wrists and elbows start to hurt a  lot.  So with a new bike fitted toward me, I should have fewer problems in that area, and be able to ride longer, blah de blah.

Boring right down to the journal....